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Are You The Right Person To Work With Me?

Accutek is the professional services company I founded. It is building a team of experienced associates of varied backgrounds that work together with each other and with each individual client to develop unique financial and tax solutions for each client’s personal and business needs.  We are based in Hurricane, Utah, and serve wonderful clients locally and wherever Internet and overnight delivery services can reach.

I think there's a good chance that you, my reader, might just be a great fit for our team.  Please click below to continue reading and learn more about this opportunity!

General Terms of These Employment Opportunities With Accutek

Accutek has low employee turnover.  Of its five associates, the most recent hire was eight years ago.   One of these associates was hospitalized for an illness in November 2013, and has not been physically able to return to work yet.  We are looking for temporary part-time employees to fill this vacancy on an interim basis. These positions could become permanent and full-time in the future.

Each position is paid by the hour, with weekly paychecks distributed on Mondays for the pay period that ended the preceding Thursday.  Overtime for these positions is not likely, but if needed for a seasonal peak demand, is paid at time and a half on hours worked exceeding 40 in the weekly pay period.

Accutek is an equal opportunity employer.

To apply for Accutek employment, please e-mail us a letter of introduction, resume, and supporting documentation you would like us to consider to (Please note that there is no “m” at the end of this e-mail address)

Accutek offers two forms of employee benefits, as follows:

  1.  Paid Time Off.  Each weekly pay period, paid time off is calculated for each employee as follows:  For employees with up to 5 years of Accutek service, 8.33% of time worked is added to his or her running balance of paid time off hours.  (For an employee averaging 40 hours per week, this is the equivalent of 4 weeks off with pay yearly).  This percentage increases for employees with 5 or more years of Accutek service.  Accutek makes no distinction in types of paid time off, so when an employee takes a paid day off for a holiday, sick leave, personal time off, or any other reason, it is deducted from the running balance of paid time off hours in the same pay period for which the employee was paid for time off.

  1. Employee Health Insurance.   Full-time employees, specifically those who have worked 1,560 hours, including paid time off, in the 12 month period ending on the last day of January, are eligible for Accutek’s medical insurance plan for the plan year that begins April 1.  Employees in their first year of Accutek employment, hired to work an average of 30 hours per week or more throughout their first year, are also eligible to participate in this plan beginning on the first day of the month after they reach 60 days of Accutek service.  (For example, if an employee begins work on January 20, they become eligible for the health insurance plan beginning April 1.)

Some employees will achieve full-time status year-round by working heavy hours in peak season while not being scheduled at all during parts of off season.

Accutek’s employee medical plan is Select Med Plus, offered by Select Health, and is available for themselves, their spouse, and dependent children up to age 26.  Employees electing to participate in this plan pay 10% of the premium cost by payroll deduction, and Accutek pays the other 90%.

This percentage split is reviewed once a year to make sure it remains within the requirements of IRS Notice 2012-58 that the employee portion of health insurance be “affordable”, which the notice defines as no more than 9.5% of gross pay.  Current details of the plan will be provided each employee yearly at the open enrollment period, which begins in February and takes effect April 1. 

Descriptions of Each Employment Opportunity:

Each of these employment opportunities is on an on-call, as-needed basis.  Each qualified applicant must demonstrate excellent oral and written communications skills that address the unique needs of each client.  A description of each position, along with its hourly pay and minimum education, credential/licensing and experience requirements follows below.  An applicant may apply for any one of the positions, or any combination of them, as his or her interests, experience, credentials, licensing, and education make appropriate.   If an applicant is hired for multiple positions, he or she will be paid the applicable hourly rate for the hours worked each weekly pay period in each position.

  1. Tax Resolution Specialist.  This employee meets with clients and prospective clients who have received collection, audit, or other notices of an issue with a federal or state tax agency that they have come to Accutek for assistance in resolving.  The initial meeting is free to the client, and is for the purpose of determining if we can be of help to the client, and if the client determines we can be of help to them.  If the decision is made to proceed with the matter, a letter is prepared specifying the terms of the engagement, is signed by both Accutek and the client, and an initial retainer is paid by the client.  The tax resolution specialist then performs tasks such as preparing appropriate power of attorney forms so that he or she can represent the client before the applicable tax agency, analyzing the documentation provided by the client, along with other information that can be gathered such as agency transcripts, identifies the resolution objective, and communicates with the client and the tax agency regularly until it is agreed that the best resolution possible has been achieved.  The tax resolutions specialist needs to be a currently licensed certified public accountant or attorney, or be an enrolled agent whose rights to practice before the IRS are current, and who is skilled in speaking with the IRS and resolving tax issues.  The position pays an hourly rate between $20.10 and $33.70, depending on the amount of demonstrated experience in representing clients before the IRS and state tax agencies.

  1. Planning Consultant.  Answers a diverse range of client and staff accounting and tax questions.  Works on various client planning projects. Examples of these planning projects include working with clients to develop their business plans, helping clients evaluate the benefits and drawbacks on a financial, operations, and tax basis of various entity types (such as LLC, S corporation, C corporation, non-profit organization, etc.) they may be considering for a new enterprise they are establishing, preparing documentation for SBA loan applications and other financing requests, working as Chief Financial Officer (CFO) on a consulting basis for clients, helping clients with trust and estate financial and tax planning considerations, helping clients with employee benefit plan (such as flexible benefit plans, health savings account plans, 401(k) plans, etc.) financial and tax planning considerations, and more.  The planning consultant may also be scheduled to be “on call” to answer walk-in, telephone, and e-mail questions from clients and prospective clients.  The planning consultant needs to be a currently licensed certified public accountant or attorney, or hold the certified management accountant (CMA) designation, preferably also with a master’s degree in business administration, and with documented experience in one or more of the planning opportunity examples stated above.  This position pays an hourly rate between $28.50 and $33.70, depending on experience.

  1. QuickBooks Training and Quality Control Accountant.  QuickBooks is the most widely-used accounting software for small and medium sized businesses.  The accountant in this position works on an one-on-one basis with individual clients who maintain their own QuickBooks files and then submits them to Accutek in order to prepare tax returns, analysis for management purposes (for instance by the planning consultant described above), etc.  The accountant will analyze the client’s QuickBooks data file, suggest corrections that may be needed, help with bank and credit card account reconciliations, help with data transfer from client point-of-sale software to their QuickBooks data file, etc.  The accountant will also be available to provide individualized QuickBooks training to clients, help set up new QuickBooks data files, and answer questions that may arise in maintaining the files.  This accountant needs to be a currently certified QuickBooks Pro Advisor, preferably with a bachelor’s degree in accounting and demonstrated accounting transaction experience.  This position pays an hourly rate between $20.10 and $28.50, depending on experience.

We look forward to receiving your letter of introduction, resume, and supporting documentation you would like us to consider by e-mail at: (Please note that there is no “m” at the end of this e-mail address)  Each of these positions is available to the successful applicant to start work now.

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